Treepack’s Tribute: “Golden Moments” Mural

golden moments treepack

Celebrating Sporting Achievements

In 2021, the Belgian street artist collective known as Treepack crafted the striking mural titled “Golden Moments.” Located at the Poximus base camp in Tubize, Belgium, this mural serves as a tribute to the illustrious accomplishments of the Red Devils and the national women’s team, the Red Flames.

A Tapestry of Memories

The mural vividly depicts six significant moments from the recent history of the Red Devils, Belgium’s renowned men’s national football team. Additionally, it captures three memorable instances from the journey of the national women’s team, the Red Flames. These visual representations pay homage to the golden generation of Belgian football and the remarkable achievements of both teams on the international stage.

Treepack’s Artistic Endeavor

Treepack, known for its captivating street art and murals, utilized spray paint on the wall of the Poximus base camp in Tubize to bring this commemorative mural to life. The collective’s choice of medium and technique encapsulates the essence of these historic sporting moments, immortalizing them in a vibrant and visually engaging manner.

Portraying Everyday Triumphs

The mural “Golden Moments” falls under the genre of scenes from everyday life, capturing pivotal instances that transcend sports, resonating deeply within the hearts of Belgians. Treepack’s artistic vision in showcasing these cherished sporting achievements aligns with the essence of street art, turning an ordinary wall into a canvas that celebrates the nation’s proud sporting history.

Conclusion: A Tribute Through Art

Treepack’s “Golden Moments” mural stands as a powerful testament to the collective’s ability to honor and commemorate extraordinary achievements through street art. With intricate details and vibrant colors, this mural encapsulates the essence of Belgian sportsmanship, creating a visual narrative that resonates with both the sporting community and the public alike.

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