Exploring Snik’s “Gone Beliver” in Stavanger, Norway

gone beliver snik
  • Title: Gone Beliver
  • Creator: Snik
  • Date Created: September 2018
  • Location Created: Kvitsøygata 25, 4014 Stavanger, Norway
  • Type: Mural
  • Rights: ©Nuart Festival, ©Brian Tallman Photography
  • Medium: Spray paint
  • Art Genre: Portrait
  • Art Movement: Street Art
  • Art Form: Stencil
  • Support: Wall
  • Depicted Location: Tou

Snik: The British Street Art Duo

Snik, a British street art duo, has garnered significant recognition for their intricate multi-layered hand-cut stencil artworks. Known for their meticulous attention to manual and time-consuming techniques, their creations are distinctly identifiable, adorning walls and galleries across the globe.

The Creation of “Gone Beliver”

Conceived during the 2018 Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway, “Gone Beliver” was meticulously designed with its natural environment in mind. This artwork was strategically placed, considering the surrounding elements. Over time, the ivy and flowers that naturally embellish the selected wall will intertwine with the piece, evolving with the changing seasons. This organic integration grants the artwork a tangible weight and an inherent sense of progression as time passes.

Embracing the Art Form

Utilizing spray paint as their primary medium, Snik masterfully crafted a portrait that encapsulates the essence of their stencil artistry. The mural, located at Kvitsøygata 25 in Stavanger, stands as a testament to the duo’s creative prowess and their seamless blend of street art within the urban landscape.

Nuart Festival and Artistic Contributions

The artwork, showcased as part of the Nuart Festival, highlights Snik’s adeptness in bringing art to public spaces. Their dedication to creating visually captivating pieces that interact harmoniously with their surroundings reflects the art form’s dynamic nature.


“Gone Beliver” not only captures Snik’s distinctive artistic style but also exemplifies their approach to integrating art into the natural environment. As the elements merge and evolve, this mural becomes a living testament to the duo’s creativity and the transformative power of street art.

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