Gorkha: Weaving Modern Nepal on the Streets of Kathmandu

Gorkha: Weaving Modern Nepal on the Streets of Kathmandu
Gorkha: Weaving Modern Nepal on the Streets of Kathmandu

Title: Gorkha

  • Creator: Shunnai Ligade, Sattya Media Arts Collective
  • Creator Lifespan: Unknown
  • Creator Nationality: Indian
  • Creator Gender: Male
  • Date: 2013-02-26
  • Location Created: Banasthali, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Type: Mural
  • External Link: Sattya

Revolutionizing Kathmandu Through Art: The Gorkha Mural

The Visionaries Behind Gorkha

In the heart of Kathmandu, the Gorkha mural stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of artist Shunnai Ligade and the Sattya Media Arts Collective. With an unknown lifespan, Shunnai Ligade, an Indian artist, leaves an indelible mark on the streets of Nepal’s capital.

Kolor Kathmandu: A Transformational Project

The Genesis of Creative Expression

Gorkha is not merely a mural; it’s a pivotal piece of the larger mosaic called Kolor Kathmandu. Initiated by the Sattya Media Arts Collective, this ambitious project sought to metamorphose Kathmandu into an open-air gallery, seamlessly blending the contemporary creative expressions of modern Nepal with the timeless allure of ancient temples.

A Fusion of Local and International Artistry

75 Murals, 75 Districts

Gorkha, with its creation date marked on February 26, 2013, embodies the essence of Kolor Kathmandu. It is a collaborative masterpiece where a diverse pool of local and international artists converged to share, inspire, and learn from each other’s artistic narratives. Each mural within this project represents one of Nepal’s 75 districts, encapsulating the rich tapestry of the nation.

Banasthali: The Canvas of Transformation

From Temples to Streets

Situated in Banasthali, Kathmandu, the Gorkha mural breathes life into the urban landscape. It transforms mundane walls into canvases that tell the story of Nepal’s cultural diversity, bridging the gap between ancient temples and modern street art.

Sattya Media Arts Collective: Nurturing Creative Energy

A Hub for Artistic Innovation

The Sattya Media Arts Collective serves as the driving force behind Gorkha. This collective not only envisioned the Kolor Kathmandu project but also nurtured the creative energy that radiates from each mural, turning Kathmandu into a living testament to the power of art.

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