Graff by Degom: Unleashing Artistic Expression in Disused Spaces

Graff by Degom: Unleashing Artistic Expression in Disused Spaces
Graff by Degom: Unleashing Artistic Expression in Disused Spaces

Exploring the Street Art of Degom

Title: Graff by Degom
Creator: Degom
Date: 2012
Physical Location: Pantin
Location Created: Pantin

Degom’s Canvas: Disused Spaces as Artistic Haven

In the realm of graffiti art, the urban landscape becomes a canvas, and for artists like Degom, disused locations offer an ideal playground. The year 2012 witnessed the manifestation of Degom’s creativity on the walls of Pantin, France. These spaces, abandoned and forgotten, served as the backdrop for budding graffiti artists to explore and express themselves freely.

Unveiling Degom’s Style

Artist Profile:

  • Artist Name: Degom
  • Nationality: Not Specified
  • Gender: Not Specified

Graffiti in Disused Spaces: A Training Ground

Disused buildings, like the one chosen by Degom, provide a sanctuary for emerging graffiti artists. Here, they can experiment without the fear of disturbance, leaving their marks on the city’s forgotten walls. The distinctiveness of these early works lies in the rawness of lines and the exploration of styles, often mirroring the influence of more established artists.

Recognition and Stylistic Evolution

Characteristics of Early Works:

  • Clumsy lines
  • Stylistic similarities to better-known artists

Glimpse Inside the Forgotten Building

Within the confines of the disused building in Pantin, a multitude of works by budding artists, including Degom, finds a home. These creations serve as a testament to the journey of artistic evolution, capturing the essence of exploration and experimentation that defines the early stages of a graffiti artist’s career.


For those intrigued by Degom’s work, the external link provided offers a deeper exploration. Titled “EN 3D SUR GRAFFITI GENERAL,” it promises a three-dimensional perspective on the world of graffiti as seen through the lens of Degom.

Conclusion: Degom’s Legacy in Forgotten Walls

Degom’s graffiti in Pantin echoes the universal narrative of street artists finding their voice in overlooked spaces. These disused locations, once forgotten, become the gallery for burgeoning talents, and artists like Degom leave an indelible mark, laying the foundation for a vibrant and evolving street art culture.

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