Graff by Onea: Unveiling Urban Expressionism

graff by onea onea

Title: Graff by Onea

  • Creator: Onea
  • Date: 2007
  • Physical Location: Pantin, France
  • Location Created: Pantin

Exploring Onea’s Artistic Odyssey

In the dynamic realm of French graffiti, Onea stands out as a luminary whose creative journey has left an indelible mark on the urban landscapes of Pantin, France. The piece titled “Graff by Onea,” born in 2007, encapsulates the essence of Onea’s distinctive style, reflecting his penchant for disused spaces and industrial backdrops.

Artist Biography: Unveiling the Mind Behind the Graffiti


  • Year of Emergence: 2007
  • Birthplace: Pantin, France

Onea’s artistic roots delve into the rich soil of French graffiti culture. His fascination with art, comic books, and the fantastical universe of Mad Movies laid the foundation for his exploration into the vibrant realm of street art. The journey commenced in the late ’80s when he first encountered graffiti images in the Hip Hop program by Sydney in 1984.

From the early ’90s to the late ’90s, Onea honed his skills, creating graffiti in the bustling streets of Paris and its surrounding suburbs. A hiatus followed, but the call of the urban canvas was too strong to resist. In the mid-2000s, he found kindred spirits in the VMD group, reigniting his passion for expression through graffiti.

Onea’s involvement in the “Un musée à ciel ouvert” project in 2010 marked a significant chapter in his career. Collaborating with internationally renowned artists, he contributed to transforming open spaces into veritable outdoor museums. Today, Onea continues to paint, deriving immense pleasure from every stroke of his artistic expression.

Unveiling “Graff by Onea”: A Journey into Urban Expressionism

“I’ve always loved the atmosphere of disused spaces, and enjoyed exploring them,” says Onea. This sentiment echoes in “Graff by Onea,” where the artist discovered a rare industrial goods lift door that became the canvas for his expression. The artwork, marked by drips and leakage, embraces the raw and gritty nature of its surroundings.

Conclusion: Onea’s Enduring Legacy

“Graff by Onea” is more than a mural; it’s a testament to Onea’s commitment to urban storytelling. His unique approach, characterized by a love for disused spaces and a fondness for the unpolished, solidifies Onea’s legacy as a prominent figure in the French graffiti scene.

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