GVM002: A Mural by Post in Jersey City

gvm002 post

The Artist: Post

The artist known as Post, whose lifespan remains unknown, has left a mark in the street art scene, particularly in Jersey City, United States. Little is known about the artist’s personal details, emphasizing a mysterious aura around their work.

GVM002: The Mural

In 2014, Post unveiled a remarkable mural titled GVM002. Located at 98 Fairmount Ave in Jersey City, NJ, this piece serves as a testament to Post’s distinctive artistic style and vision. The mural reflects the artist’s creativity, although specifics about its content or thematic elements remain elusive.

Green Villain and Street Art in Jersey City

The mural is part of Green Villain, an initiative dedicated to promoting street art and urban culture in Jersey City. GVM002 likely contributes to the city’s burgeoning street art scene, inviting passersby to engage with art in the public space.

Location and Type

The precise location of GVM002 on Fairmount Ave offers viewers an opportunity to interact with street art in an unexpected setting. As a mural, GVM002 serves as an exploration of visual storytelling and expression within the urban landscape.

Legacy and Impact

While Post’s identity remains shrouded in mystery, the artwork’s impact continues to resonate within the local community and broader street art enthusiasts. GVM002 represents the artistic fusion of talent and the vibrancy of street art culture in Jersey City.

Image source: Street View – Google Maps

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