Exploring “Habay”: A Collaborative Street Art Project

habay imba jood quiccs egg fiasco tripp63 blic

The Collective Vision

The Filipino Street Art Project witnessed the collaborative efforts of several renowned Filipino street artists including IMBA, Jood, Quiccs, Egg Fiasco, Tripp63, and Blic. Together, they embarked on a project called “Habay,” leaving a mark on the vibrant streets of Metro Manila, Philippines.

The Uniting Force of Street Art

Under the banner of “Habay,” these artists combined their unique styles, talents, and perspectives to create a compelling piece of street art. The project exemplified a fusion of individual creativity, collective expression, and shared cultural identity, resonating with the ethos of the Filipino art scene.

Unveiling Metro Manila’s Visual Tapestry

The exact date of the “Habay” project remains unknown, adding an air of mystery to its inception and execution. However, the impact of this collaborative artwork left a lasting impression on the streets of Metro Manila, enriching the urban landscape with vibrant colors and evocative imagery.

Medium and Artistic Techniques

Utilizing the raw energy of spray paint, these artists employed their skills to craft a visual narrative that speaks volumes about Filipino culture, traditions, and contemporary urban life. The fusion of their distinctive techniques and styles brought forth an amalgamation of creativity and diversity.

Filipino Street Art Legacy

IMBA, Jood, Quiccs, Egg Fiasco, Tripp63, and Blic, recognized names in the Filipino street art community, have individually contributed significantly to the country’s urban art movement. Their collaboration in “Habay” further solidifies their place in the cultural narrative of Filipino street art.


The “Habay” street art project stands as a testament to the collective spirit and creative synergy of Filipino street artists. Although details about its specific creation date remain elusive, the artwork’s impact on the streets of Metro Manila echoes the collaborative prowess and artistic finesse of these talented individuals, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s urban visual landscape.

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