Helen Bur: Bridging Realms with Artistry

hired gun helen bur

The Artistic Duality of Helen Bur

British painter Helen Bur stands as a bridge between the established domain of traditional fine art and the ever-evolving sphere of urban art. Her remarkable ability to seamlessly transition her painting techniques from the refined canvas of linen to the raw surfaces of concrete highlights her versatility and adaptability.

Embracing the Surreal in Reality

Bur’s artistic narrative revolves around portraying the surreal essence entrenched in our daily encounters with media. Her work reflects the overwhelming deluge of imagery and information prevalent in popular culture, inviting viewers into dreamlike figurative scenarios imbued with hints of magical realism. Through her art, Bur contrasts hyperreal visualizations against the canvas of normality, drawing attention to the stark contrasts within contemporary life.

“Hired Gun”: A Mural Masterpiece

The creation titled “Hired Gun,” unveiled in September 2018 in Stavanger, Norway, stands as a testament to Bur’s talent. This mural, displayed on a private house at Nymansveien 73, Stavanger, showcases her proficiency in using paint as a means of storytelling. Her mural style, rooted in figurative art, seamlessly integrates within the street art movement, illustrating her fluidity across genres.

Art Genre and Movement

Bur’s work predominantly falls under the figurative art genre, embodying the portrayal of human figures and their surroundings. While she actively contributes to the street art movement, her creations diverge from conventional graffiti, relying on her finesse in painting rather than spray-can techniques.

Immortalizing Artistic Expression

The artwork “Hired Gun” encapsulates Bur’s commitment to bringing art to unexpected settings. With the support of Nuart Festival and Brian Tallman Photography, her murals serve as a compelling testament to the transformative power of painting, boldly decorating and enriching the urban landscape.


Helen Bur’s artistic journey transcends boundaries, intertwining the elegance of traditional artistry with the boldness of urban expression. Her murals, with their rich figurative storytelling, invite contemplation on the intricacies of contemporary culture while adorning unconventional spaces with vibrant visual narratives.

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