História de Portugal: A Graffiti Tapestry of Portuguese Heritage

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Title: História de Portugal

  • Creator: ARM Collective
  • Creator Lifespan: 1900/2014
  • Date: 2013/2013
  • Physical Location: Avenida da Índia, Lisboa

ARM Collective: Architects of Cultural Narratives

Bridging Past and Present

ARM Collective, a dynamic force in the realm of street art, embarked on a mission to weave the rich tapestry of Portuguese history onto the walls of Lisbon. The mural titled “História de Portugal” serves as a testament to their commitment to preserving and narrating the cultural legacy of the nation.

Graffiti as Living History

Avenida da Índia: A Canvas of Heritage

In 2013, the streets of Avenida da Índia witnessed the birth of “História de Portugal.” This mural is not merely an amalgamation of colors on concrete but a living history book, where each stroke tells a story, and every symbol represents a chapter in the grand narrative of Portugal.

Narrating Through Imagery

Paulo da Gama Catual: Unraveling Symbolism

At the heart of the mural, Paulo da Gama Catual takes on the role of a storyteller, unraveling the symbolism embedded in Portuguese flags. Through vivid imagery, he shares episodes of Portugal’s history, making the past tangible for those who pause to engage with the mural.

A Visual Odyssey

Viriato and the Sea Route to India

The mural paints a vivid scene of Viriato, a shepherd, adorned with a fox fur on his head, grasping a wooden sword, and gazing at the landscape. Intricately, a map unfurls across his back, depicting the journey from Lisbon to the discovery of the sea route to India.

Project “Lusíadas para a Família”

Beyond Walls: Connecting Families to Lusitanian Epics

“História de Portugal” extends beyond a mere mural; it is part of the ambitious project “Lusíadas para a Família.” ARM Collective seeks to connect families with the epic tales of Lusitania through their artistic endeavors.

Preserving Cultural Heritage

© CML | DPC | José Vicente 2013

The rights to this cultural masterpiece are guarded by the Lisbon City Council (CML), emphasizing the collaborative effort to preserve and protect the cultural heritage encapsulated within the graffiti.

Note: The information provided is based on reliable sources and documentation available as of the last knowledge update in January 2023.

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