Andi Rivas: Crafting a Spanish Welcome through Art

hola welcome to spain andi rivas

Unveiling “Hola, Welcome to Spain” by Andi Rivas

Title: Hola, Welcome to Spain

Creator: Andi Rivas

Date Created: 2013-06

Andi Rivas: The Creative Force

  • Creator: Andi Rivas

Andi Rivas, the artistic mind behind “Hola, Welcome to Spain,” is a Spanish creative force known for his ironic and rooted works. Hailing from Cádiz, Rivas draws inspiration from both the realms of comic art and illustration, forming a unique and captivating artistic identity.

Crafting the Spanish Welcome: “Hola, Welcome to Spain”

  • Date Created: 2013-06

In June 2013, Andi Rivas bestowed upon the world the vibrant and welcoming artwork titled “Hola, Welcome to Spain.” This creation serves as a testament to Rivas’ ability to encapsulate the essence of Spanish culture and humor within the visual language of street art.

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga: The Canvas of Expression

The Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga in Malaga, Spain, provided the perfect canvas for Andi Rivas to breathe life into “Hola, Welcome to Spain.” The fusion of contemporary art with the historical and cultural backdrop of Malaga adds depth and significance to Rivas’ creation.

Red Bull Campaign: Andi Rivas’ Design Prowess

Andi Rivas took on the creative challenge of designing the 2013 Red Bull campaign, showcasing his versatility in the realm of commercial art. His imaginative approach and knack for irony found expression in this widely recognized campaign, further solidifying his position as a prominent artist.

Spanish Roots and Irony: The Essence of Andi Rivas’ Work

As a “gaditano,” or a native of Cádiz, Andi Rivas infuses his artwork with a distinct Spanish flavor. His creations are characterized by a subtle yet impactful irony, a reflection of his cultural roots and a nod to the traditions of comic art and illustration that have shaped his artistic journey.


Andi Rivas’ “Hola, Welcome to Spain” stands not just as a street art piece but as a cultural ambassador, welcoming viewers into the vibrant and ironic tapestry of Spanish identity. Through his diverse portfolio, including the iconic 2013 Red Bull campaign, Rivas continues to leave an indelible mark on the global art scene, blending tradition with modernity and humor with depth.

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