Ian Strange: Challenging Notions Through “Home Billboard”

home billboard ian strange

Title: Home Billboard

  • Creator: Ian Strange
  • Date Created: September 2017
  • Location Created: Klubbgata 4, 4013 Stavanger, Norway
  • Type: Installation
  • Rights: ¬©Nuart Festival, ¬©Brian Tallman Photography
  • Medium: Photography, Paper
  • Art Genre: Architecture
  • Art Movement: Street Art
  • Art Form: Poster
  • Support: Billboard
  • Depicted Location: Arkaden Mall (side street)

Ian Strange: The Multifaceted Australian Artist

1. A Multidisciplinary Approach:

  • Ian Strange, an Australian artist renowned for his multidisciplinary approach, delves into the cultural and social impact of the home across diverse societies.

2. “Home Billboard” at Nuart Festival 2017:

  • In September 2017, Ian Strange participated in the prestigious Nuart Festival, leaving an indelible mark through his unique project titled “Home Billboard.”
  • The installation unfolded at Klubbgata 4, Stavanger, Norway, contributing to the festival’s celebration of cutting-edge street art.

Exploring “Target” Series:

1. The Target Series:

  • Strange’s “Home Billboard” draws inspiration from his “Target” series, wherein he reimagines original artworks on vintage photographs. These selected images became the focal point of large-scale billboard interventions scattered throughout Stavanger.

2. Marking Home:

  • By crossing out and making marks on these tableau visions of the home, Ian Strange challenges societal preconceptions associated with homes as spaces of safety and security.

3. Broadening the Discourse:

  • The intervention initiates a broader conversation about the intricate correlation between the concepts of home, safety, and urban disenfranchisement.

Visual Impact and Artistic Form:

1. Photography and Paper Medium:

  • Ian Strange employs photography and paper as his primary mediums, providing a visual language that resonates with his exploration of architectural and societal dynamics.

2. Billboard as Support:

  • The billboard as a support structure elevates the scale and impact of Strange’s work, transforming public spaces into arenas for dialogue and introspection.

Legacy and Cultural Commentary:

1. Nuart Festival Contribution:

  • “Home Billboard” stands as a testament to Ian Strange’s impactful contribution to the Nuart Festival, aligning with the event’s ethos of pushing boundaries in contemporary street art.

2. Cultural and Social Inquiry:

  • Through his work, Strange invites viewers to engage in critical reflections on cultural norms and societal constructs related to the concept of home.

Conclusion: A Billboard of Provocation

“Ian Strange’s “Home Billboard” encapsulates not only the physical presence of art in public spaces but serves as a thought-provoking commentary on the very essence of ‘home.’ With his signature style and a penchant for challenging established narratives, Strange opens a visual dialogue that transcends the boundaries of traditional art, making an enduring impact on the cultural landscape.”

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