Unveiling Interesni Kazki’s Artistry in Mexico

interesni detail 3

The Collaborative Creators: AEC and Waone

Interesni Kazki, a collective formed by AEC (Aleksei Bordusov) and Waone (Wladimir Manzhos) from Ukraine, brought their artistic flair to Mexico as part of the All City Canvas project. Their name translates to “interesting fables,” and their collaborative work revolves around themes of fantasy, dreams, magic, and mysticism, often infused with religious and scientific imagery.

The Colorful Palette of Imagination

Renowned for their distinctive style, AEC and Waone employ a vibrant and captivating color palette in their creations. Their artistry tends to utilize solid, bright colors, capturing the attention and fascination of viewers with its visual appeal.

Exploring Fantastical Realms

Interesni Kazki’s art delves into captivating narratives, presenting a fusion of imaginative elements that transport onlookers to otherworldly realms. Their works, born from a union of surrealism and visionary storytelling, offer a glimpse into an enchanting dimension of their creation.

Street Art Unveiled at Bucareli 8

In Mexico, Interesni Kazki contributed to the street art scene, particularly at PeriĆ³dico El Universal located at Bucareli 8. Their project, known as “Interesni detail 3,” was a testament to their collective vision and dedication to transforming public spaces into captivating art installations.


Interesni Kazki’s immersive artistry, blending fantasy, vibrant colors, and captivating storytelling, left an indelible mark on Mexico’s street art landscape. Through their project “Interesni detail 3” as part of the All City Canvas initiative, the duo brought their evocative narratives to life, captivating audiences and elevating the urban art scene in Mexico.

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