Interesni Kazki: Bridging Realms with Artistic Wonder

Interesni Kazki: Bridging Realms with Artistic Wonder
Interesni Kazki: Bridging Realms with Artistic Wonder

Title: Interesni Kazki

Creator: Aleksei Bordusov (AEC) and Wladimir Manzhos (Waone)

Creator Lifespan: Started project in 1999

Creator Nationality: Ukrainian

Creator Gender: Collective

Date: 2012-04-29/2012-05-06

Location Created: Periódico El Universal: Bucareli 8, Periódico El Universal

Physical Dimensions: w38 x h22 m (complete)

Provenance: Terms and Conditions of ARTO O ACC

The collaborative force behind the pseudonym “Interesni Kazki” comprises Aleksei Bordusov, known as AEC, and Wladimir Manzhos, known as Waone, originating from Ukraine. Since its inception in 1999, this artistic duo has mesmerized audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of street art.

Delving into Magical Realism

“Interesni Kazki,” meaning “interesting fables,” encapsulates the essence of this artistic duo’s creations. Their artworks transcend the ordinary, delving into realms of fantasy, dreams, magic, and mysticism. Religious and scientific imagery often intertwines within their works, creating a profound visual narrative.

A Vibrant Palette of Expression

Known for their vibrant and captivating color schemes, Interesni Kazki employs solid, bright hues that enthrall and captivate viewers. Their use of colors elevates the visual experience, making their murals a treat for the eyes.

Monumental Creations in Mexico

During the All City Canvas event in México, Mexico, Interesni Kazki crafted a monumental mural at Periódico El Universal, spanning an impressive dimension of w38 x h22 meters. Their artwork graced the cityscape, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in its intricate details.

Terms and Conditions of Artistic Ownership

The provenance and rights surrounding Interesni Kazki’s creations adhere to the terms and conditions of ARTO O ACC, emphasizing the importance of artistic ownership and ethical guidelines.

Exploring Multidimensional Themes

Through their street art, Interesni Kazki navigates multifaceted themes, opening gateways to philosophical and surreal dimensions, captivating spectators and inviting them to explore the boundaries between reality and imagination.

External Link and Acknowledgment:

[ARTO / All City Canvas](ARTO / All City Canvas)

Creators: Interesni Kazki

The artistic brilliance of Aleksei Bordusov (AEC) and Wladimir Manzhos (Waone) under the guise of Interesni Kazki continues to leave an awe-inspiring legacy within the global street art community.

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