The Dynamic Street Art of El Equipo Plástico: “LA CUADRADA – Combis” Mural

la cuadrada combis mural equipo plastico
  • Title: LA CUADRADA – “Combis” Mural
  • Creator: Equipo Plastico
  • Date Created: 2009-11
  • Location: Peru
  • Associated Project: MORBO

The Creators

El Equipo Plástico, a collaborative artistic group, made a distinctive mark on the street art scene with their mural “LA CUADRADA – Combis.” This mural project delved into the essence of the Peruvian streets, capturing a unique aspect of daily life.

“Combis”: The Street Kings

The mural captures the essence of “combis” in Peru, small buses that navigate the city streets. These vehicles, owned and managed by private companies, are renowned for their individualized decorations, each bearing a unique “war paint,” signifying their owners’ distinct identities.

MORBO Project

The mural stands as a part of the MORBO project, an initiative that aimed to bring art into public spaces, transforming mundane walls into vibrant canvases showcasing local culture, society, and everyday life.

2009-11: The Timeline

El Equipo Plástico manifested their creativity during 2009-11, contributing to the visual narrative of Peru’s urban landscape during that period. Their “Combis” mural became a visual spectacle on the streets, capturing the essence of transportation culture in the country.


El Equipo Plástico’s “LA CUADRADA – Combis” mural serves as a dynamic portrayal of Peru’s urban scene, encapsulating the vibrant character of the “combis” and their prominent role in the daily hustle and bustle of transportation, all through the lens of street art.

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