Unveiling “Goodbye Sweet Goodbye” by Equipo Plastico

la cuadrada goodbye sweet goodbye equipo plastico

Title: LA CUADRADA – Goodbye Sweet Goodbye

  • Creator: Equipo Plastico
  • Date Created: 2009
  • Location: MORBO, Peru

The Enigmatic Equipo Plastico

Equipo Plastico, an elusive collective renowned for its artistic contributions, created the evocative piece titled “Goodbye Sweet Goodbye.” This mural, etched into the urban landscape of MORBO, Peru, stands as a testament to the group’s compelling artistry and cultural impact.

“Goodbye Sweet Goodbye”: A Mysterious Depiction

The artwork “LA CUADRADA – Goodbye Sweet Goodbye” encapsulates the collective’s enigmatic style and artistic prowess. Unfortunately, specific details regarding the artwork’s subject matter or contextual relevance remain elusive.

Equipo Plastico’s Legacy

Equipo Plastico, with its anonymous identity and avant-garde approach, has left an indelible mark within the street art community. While the intricacies of their works often invoke curiosity, their commitment to pushing creative boundaries has earned them recognition and respect.


The artwork “Goodbye Sweet Goodbye” by Equipo Plastico, although shrouded in mystery and limited in details, remains a poignant representation of the collective’s artistic legacy. Through their thought-provoking and enigmatic creations, Equipo Plastico continues to spark intrigue and fascination within the realm of street art.

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