Ella & Pitr: Painting the World with Giants

Ella & Pitr: Painting the World with Giants
Ella & Pitr: Painting the World with Giants

Title: La fonte des glaces / Melt Down

  • Creator: Ella & Pitr
  • Date Created: September 2015
  • Location Created: Verksgata 31, 4013 Stavanger, Norway
  • Rights: ©Nuart Festival, ©Brian Tallman Photography

Ella & Pitr: A French Duo’s Artistic Odyssey

  • Creators: Ella and Pitr
  • Date of Collaboration: September 2015

The Giants Unleashed: Comic-Book Magic on the Streets

In the realm of street art, where concrete canvases become platforms for creativity, the French duo Ella & Pitr have left an indelible mark. One of their notable works, “La fonte des glaces / Melt Down,” created in September 2015 in Stavanger, Norway, stands as a testament to their artistic prowess.

A Globetrotting Slumber: Giants Across the Globe

Ella & Pitr’s signature style involves crafting larger-than-life characters, resembling illustrations straight from a comic book. These whimsical giants find their home not just on conventional walls but on a diverse array of surfaces – rooftops, runways, homes, shipping containers, and even fields. The duo’s artistic language transforms ordinary spaces into dreamlike landscapes.

Setting Records: Cradling Giants and Breaking Barriers

In the annals of street art history, Ella & Pitr claimed a significant accolade in 2019. Their mural in Paris secured the world record for the largest outdoor mural, a testament to the duo’s ability to transcend the boundaries of conventional art spaces. This achievement followed their initial record-breaking mural in Stavanger in 2015, where two of their iconic characters cradled each other across a series of rooftops.

Medium and Movement: Painting Giants into Existence

The medium of choice for Ella & Pitr is paint, wielded skillfully to breathe life into their larger-than-life creations. Their work falls under the umbrella of figurative art within the broader context of the street art movement. The duo’s contribution to the art form lies not just in the scale of their murals but in the narrative depth infused into each character.

From Abandoned to Adorned: Revitalizing Spaces

“La fonte des glaces / Melt Down” found its home on an abandoned building, transforming a forgotten structure into a vibrant canvas of expression. This act of revitalizing forgotten spaces is a recurring theme in Ella & Pitr’s body of work, showcasing their commitment to bringing art to unexpected corners of the urban landscape.

Capturing Moments: Rights and Recognition

The visual splendor of “La fonte des glaces / Melt Down” is captured through the lenses of both the ©Nuart Festival and ©Brian Tallman Photography, ensuring that the essence of Ella & Pitr’s work is preserved and shared with a global audience.

Conclusion: Giants in the Urban Tapestry

In conclusion, Ella & Pitr’s “La fonte des glaces / Melt Down” is not merely a mural but a narrative woven into the urban fabric. Their giants, whether slumbering on rooftops or cradling each other across city skylines, invite viewers to reimagine the possibilities of public spaces and the boundless creativity that can unfold when art meets the streets.

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