Rodez and “Lagarto”: A Tribute to Bogotá’s Street Art Scene

lagarto rodez

The Artist: Rodez

Rodez, a significant figure in the vibrant realm of Colombian street art, made an impactful mark through the creation of “Lagarto.” While specific details about Rodez remain relatively limited, their artistic contribution remains a cornerstone of Bogotá’s street art landscape.

“Lagarto” in Bogotá

The mural titled “Lagarto” emerged in 2013, located within the bustling streets of Bogotá, Colombia. Rodez’s creation became a focal point within the city, showcasing the artist’s unique style and creative expression amidst the urban environment.

Artistic Style and Impact

The details of “Lagarto” and its thematic significance within Bogotá’s street art scene are not extensively documented. However, Rodez’s work often reflected a blend of vibrant colors, intricate designs, and thematic depth, contributing to the cultural dialogue prevalent within Colombian street art.

Legacy and Presence

Despite limited specific information available about “Lagarto,” Rodez’s contribution underscores the growing significance and recognition of street art in Bogotá. The mural’s presence within the Colombian capital serves as a testament to the thriving artistic community and its continuous evolution.

Location and Context

The physical location of “Lagarto” within Bogotá adds to the allure of Rodez’s artistic narrative. The mural’s exact details and the stories it tells within the fabric of the city’s streetscape contribute to the diverse tapestry of Bogotá’s urban art scene.


Rodez’s creation, “Lagarto,” stands as a testament to the vibrancy and dynamism of Bogotá’s street art scene. While specific details regarding the artwork’s thematic elements and precise impact remain elusive, its presence within the Colombian capital contributes to the rich cultural narrative embedded in the city’s streets, affirming the enduring legacy of street art in Bogotá.

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