Creators: Dan Buller – Rupert Bottenberg

laissez la toujours chanter dan buller rupert bottenberg

Creators: Dan Buller – Rupert Bottenberg

Date: 2013-08-01/2013-08-30

Location Created: 1676 Ontario St East, Montreal, Canada

A monumental mural titled “Laissez-la toujours chanter” graces the walls of the Lion d’Or Cabaret in Montreal, Canada. This awe-inspiring piece of street art is a collaborative tribute to Alys Robi, an iconic Québécois singer, her captivating career, boundless passion, and unwavering determination.

Rendered by the talented artists Rupert Bottenberg and Dan Buller, the mural magnificently captures the essence of Alys Robi’s legacy while also celebrating the golden era of Montreal cabarets during the 1940s. The centerpiece of this large-scale mural is a mesmerizing portrait of Alys Robi, expertly depicted in shades of blue, evoking both her Québécois roots and the Blue Note jazz aesthetics prevalent during her time.

The mural’s backdrop is an artistic tapestry of elements that symbolize different facets of Alys Robi’s life and career. These graphic elements intricately illustrate and pay homage to the singer’s journey, serving as a vivid representation of her musical passion and the vibrant culture of Montreal’s entertainment scene during the 1940s.

Crafted using paint, latex, and aerosol techniques, this mural embodies the fusion of artistry and storytelling, providing a visual narrative that speaks volumes about Alys Robi’s profound influence on Quebec’s cultural landscape. Through this stunning mural, Bottenberg and Buller have captured the spirit of Alys Robi’s artistry and the era she epitomized, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the rich history of Montreal’s cabaret culture while honoring the indelible mark left by this legendary singer.

The mural stands as an enduring testament to Alys Robi’s enduring legacy and her everlasting impact on Quebec’s music scene, evoking nostalgia for an era of glamour and entertainment that still resonates with the heart and soul of Montreal.

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