The Mural Masterpiece: “La Jardinera” by Crazys Crew

la jardinera crazys crew

The Artwork: “La Jardinera”

In December 2012, the Crazys Crew left an indelible mark on the urban canvas in Santiago, Chile. “La Jardinera,” a mural created during the Museo a Cielo Abierto en San Miguel, stands tall as a testament to the crew’s artistic prowess and innovation.

The Artists: Crazys Crew

Crazys Crew, although their personal details including lifespans remain unknown, made their mark through “La Jardinera,” an artistic collective that contributed significantly to the vibrant street art scene in Santiago, Chile.

Location and Creation

“La Jardinera” mural came to life on Teodoro Schmidt #5389 in San Miguel, RegiĆ³n Metropolitana, Chile, as part of the Museo a Cielo Abierto en San Miguel. This artwork showcases the collective’s ability to transform public spaces into vibrant artistic reflections.

Type: Urban Mural

“La Jardinera” belongs to the genre of urban mural art, demonstrating the Crazys Crew’s expertise in using large-scale walls as canvases to express their artistic vision and engage the public through street art.


“La Jardinera” by the Crazys Crew stands as an emblem of creativity, color, and expression within the heart of Santiago, Chile. Despite the anonymous nature of the artists, their mural represents the beauty and impact of street art, transforming streets into captivating galleries and fostering a deeper connection between art and the community in San Miguel.

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