Ben Eine’s “Love Interruption”: A Stavanger Landmark

Ben Eine’s “Love Interruption”: A Stavanger Landmark
Ben Eine’s “Love Interruption”: A Stavanger Landmark

Ben Eine, a London-based street artist renowned for his vibrant letterform murals, unveiled the monumental artwork titled “Love Interruption” in September 2012 as part of the Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway. This piece marked a significant addition to Eine’s legacy in the world of street art.

The Evolution of Ben Eine

With a graffiti-writing background spanning over three decades, Ben Eine transitioned to creating large-scale, colorful letters adorning shutters across East London. His distinctive letterforms, devoid of signatures, set him apart in the street art landscape, captivating viewers with their bold presence.

Monumental Mural: Love in Stavanger

“Love Interruption,” a monumental mural, graces a building overlooking a bustling street in central Stavanger. The mural prominently features the poignant words: “I want love to grab a hold of me and bite me walk right up and fight me leave me dying on the ground,” evoking a powerful emotional response from passersby.

Unveiling Emotions through Stencil Art

Ben Eine’s utilization of spray paint, in the form of stencil art, allowed him to convey intricate emotions through bold letterforms. This distinct style became a hallmark of his artistic expression within the street art movement.

Rights and Medium

The mural’s rights are attributed to the Nuart Festival and Brian Tallman Photography, preserving the essence of this significant artwork. The use of spray paint on a wall as the medium underscores Eine’s commitment to transforming urban landscapes into thought-provoking artistic realms.

Depicted Location: Arkaden Mall

“Love Interruption” graces the walls of Arkaden Mall, situating itself as an integral part of Stavanger’s urban fabric. The mural’s powerful message and visual impact serve as a testament to Eine’s ability to weave emotion and artistry onto urban canvases.

Conclusion of Artistic Expression

Ben Eine’s “Love Interruption” remains a testimony to the artist’s ability to interrupt the urban landscape with evocative emotions and bold letterforms. This monumental mural in Stavanger stands as an enduring tribute to Eine’s artistic legacy within the global street art movement.

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