Loved Ones Video Paris 2013: A Tapestry of Faces on the Streets

Loved Ones Video Paris 2013: A Tapestry of Faces on the Streets
Loved Ones Video Paris 2013: A Tapestry of Faces on the Streets

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada: The Visionary Artist

Crafting Identities on Urban Canvases

  • Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, a renowned artist with roots in Cuba and the United States, stands at the forefront of the Loved Ones project. His artistic vision transcends boundaries, weaving identities on the expansive canvases provided by the streets.

SPOK: Unveiling Spanish Artistry

Adding Spanish Flair to the Mosaic

  • SPOK, a Spanish artist, joins forces with Rodriguez-Gerada to contribute to the rich tapestry of Loved Ones. His unique style and creative prowess bring a touch of Spanish flair to the collaborative effort.

C215: French Ingenuity at Play

An Artistic Trifecta in Paris 2013

  • In the heart of Paris 75013, the trio is completed by the inclusion of C215, a French artist celebrated for his ingenuity. Together, they embark on a visual journey that transforms the city walls into a gallery of faces, capturing the essence of the Loved Ones project.

LOVED ONES: Where Art Meets Social Impact

Portraits of Seres Queridos (Loved Ones)

  • LOVED ONES is not just an art project; it’s a social initiative that resonates with the people. International artists come together to paint portraits of anonymous individuals chosen by the citizens as “Seres Queridos” or Loved Ones. The city walls become a canvas for the celebration of these chosen faces.

The 5th Edition: Paris 2013

A Visual Symphony Unfolds at Place Pinel

  • The Loved Ones Video Paris 2013 captures the essence of the 5th edition of this remarkable project. Place Pinel, Paris 75013, serves as the stage where the artists, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, C215, and Spok, collaborate to bring life to the city walls.

Seres Queridos Website: Exploring the Project Further

A Hub of Creativity and Community

  • For those seeking to delve deeper into the Loved Ones project, the Seres Queridos website provides a comprehensive platform. It unfolds the stories behind the portraits, the artists, and the communities that come together in this celebration of art and humanity.

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