Unveiling Minokawa: Gerilya’s Iconic Street Art in Metro Manila

Unveiling Minokawa: Gerilya’s Iconic Street Art in Metro Manila
Unveiling Minokawa: Gerilya’s Iconic Street Art in Metro Manila

Exploring the Filipino Street Art Project’s Captivating Work

Nestled within the vibrant streets of Metro Manila, Philippines, lies a captivating piece of street art known as “Minokawa.” Crafted in 2011, this artwork stands as a testament to the creative genius of the collective known as Gerilya, an influential force in the Filipino street art scene.

The Creative Force Behind Minokawa

Gerilya, a collective that emerged in the Filipino art scene, spearheads unique and thought-provoking street art projects. With a blend of male and female artists contributing to their collective vision, Gerilya has made waves with their distinctive creations.

Deciphering Minokawa

Minokawa is a fascinating piece of street art that stands out for its use of wheatpaste as a medium. Set against the backdrop of Angono, Rizal in the Philippines, this artwork is emblematic of Gerilya’s penchant for blending traditional and contemporary art techniques to convey compelling messages.

The Filipino Street Art Project

Gerilya’s involvement in the creation of Minokawa represents the collective’s commitment to engaging with urban spaces through art. Their projects often reflect socio-political commentary, cultural themes, and a celebration of Filipino heritage, aiming to provoke thought and inspire conversations.

Medium and Impact

Utilizing wheatpaste as a medium, Gerilya’s Minokawa is an example of how street art can transcend conventional boundaries. It showcases their innovative approach to art-making and their dedication to leaving an impression in public spaces.

Gerilya’s Legacy

The collective’s impact extends beyond Minokawa, resonating throughout the streets of Metro Manila. Through their art, Gerilya continues to challenge perceptions, foster cultural dialogue, and assert the significance of street art in contemporary Filipino society.

The Role of Gerilya’s Online Presence

Gerilya’s online platform, Tumblr, serves as a digital gallery, offering a glimpse into their diverse portfolio and the stories behind their artworks. This digital presence expands the reach of their message beyond the physical spaces where their art resides.

Preserving Street Art’s Essence

While street art often faces challenges related to its transient nature, efforts by artists like Gerilya to document, photograph, and showcase their creations ensure that the essence of these artworks endures, leaving a lasting impact on society.


Minokawa stands as a testament to Gerilya’s innovative spirit and commitment to transforming urban landscapes into thought-provoking canvases. As they continue to carve their legacy in Metro Manila and beyond, Gerilya’s contributions to the Filipino street art scene remain a vibrant testament to creativity, expression, and cultural dialogue.

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