Minuto de Silêncio: A Street Art Masterpiece in São Paulo

Minuto de Silêncio: A Street Art Masterpiece in São Paulo
Minuto de Silêncio: A Street Art Masterpiece in São Paulo


The street art scene in São Paulo, Brazil, boasts a myriad of talented artists, each leaving their mark on the city’s urban landscape. One notable masterpiece that stands out is “Minuto de Silêncio,” a captivating work created by the talented Brazilian artist, Herbert Baglione.

The Artist: Herbert Baglione

  • Full Name: Hebert Baglione
  • Lifespan: 1977 –
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthplace: Brazil

The Creation of “Minuto de Silêncio”

“Minuto de Silêncio” emerged in the years 2010 to 2013 as part of the São Paulo Street Bienale project. Positioned in the heart of São Paulo at Praça Ramos de Azevedo, SP, this masterpiece encapsulates Baglione’s distinctive style and creative prowess.

The Location

The chosen canvas for “Minuto de Silêncio” is Praça Ramos de Azevedo, São Paulo, SP. This central location adds a layer of significance to the artwork, as it becomes an integral part of the city’s cultural and artistic narrative.

The Details

The graffiti piece, a testament to Baglione’s mastery, is a visual spectacle that engages viewers with its intricate details and thought-provoking elements. The use of the urban landscape as a canvas allows the artwork to seamlessly integrate with the surroundings, becoming a living and breathing part of São Paulo.

More about Herbert Baglione

Herbert Baglione’s artistic journey extends beyond “Minuto de Silêncio.” The creator has left an indelible mark on the world of street art, showcasing his talents through various projects. To delve deeper into Baglione’s artistic universe, one can explore his official blog at Herbert Baglione’s Blog.

Collaborations and Recognition

Baglione’s work has not gone unnoticed, earning him recognition and collaborations with fellow artists. One notable association includes Fran Parente, showcasing the collaborative and community-driven nature of São Paulo’s street art scene.

Rights and External Links

The rights to “Minuto de Silêncio” are attributed to Herbert Baglione and Fran Parente. For more information on Baglione’s work and upcoming projects, interested individuals can visit the official website at Herbert Baglione’s Website.


“Minuto de Silêncio” not only exemplifies Herbert Baglione’s artistic brilliance but also serves as a symbol of São Paulo’s vibrant street art culture. As spectators engage with this masterpiece, they become part of a larger narrative that celebrates creativity, expression, and the dynamic spirit of urban art in Brazil.

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