Mural Magic by Captain Kris in East London

mural by captain kris captain kris

Title: Mural by Captain Kris

  • Creator: Captain Kris
  • Date: 2012/2014
  • Location Created: East London – Brick Lane Area
  • Provenance: Photo by Lee Bofkin on behalf of Global Street Art
  • Type: Mural
  • External Link: Global Street Art

Captain Kris: The Creative Force Behind Street Murals

The bustling Brick Lane Area in East London became the canvas for the evocative and vibrant murals created by the elusive artist known as Captain Kris. While details about the artist’s lifespan and personal identity remain veiled, his impact on the street art scene is indisputable.

Unveiling the Artistry

The murals attributed to Captain Kris encapsulate a blend of colors, shapes, and themes, turning Brick Lane into an open-air gallery of urban art. The intriguing compositions crafted by this enigmatic artist serve as a testament to his unique style and creative prowess.

Provenance and Recognition

Capturing the essence of these captivating murals, photographer Lee Bofkin, on behalf of the Global Street Art Foundation, documented Captain Kris’s artwork. The Global Street Art Foundation played a crucial role in archiving and highlighting the impact of street art, contributing to the preservation and recognition of artists like Captain Kris.


Captain Kris’s murals stand as striking testaments to the vibrant and dynamic street art culture thriving in East London’s Brick Lane Area. With their vivid colors, imaginative designs, and skillful execution, these murals continue to captivate and inspire passersby, contributing to the rich tapestry of urban artistry in the heart of London.

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