Captain Kris’s “Dirty 30” Mural in East London

Captain Kris’s “Dirty 30” Mural in East London
Captain Kris’s “Dirty 30” Mural in East London

Creator Profile

  • Artist: Captain Kris
  • Creator Lifespan: Unknown
  • Gender: Male

Unveiling “Dirty 30”

Between 2012 and 2014, the enigmatic artist Captain Kris contributed a captivating mural known as “Dirty 30” in East London’s Brick Lane Area. This mural project, overseen by the Global Street Art Foundation, added to the artistic allure of London’s streets.

Location in East London – Brick Lane Area

The chosen location for Captain Kris’s mural, situated within the Brick Lane Area of East London, amplified the artwork’s exposure within a cultural hotspot renowned for its vibrant art scene and diverse street art displays.

Provenance and Visual Documentation

The photographic documentation of the mural “Dirty 30” was accredited to Lee Bofkin, captured on behalf of the Global Street Art Foundation. These photographs served as visual records, preserving the essence of Captain Kris’s contribution to London’s street art narrative.

Type of Artwork: Mural

“Dirty 30” falls under the classification of a mural, showcasing Captain Kris’s ability to transform large-scale walls into engaging and visually striking art pieces that captivate passersby and engage the local community.

Global Street Art Foundation’s Role

The Global Street Art Foundation’s involvement in overseeing projects like Captain Kris’s “Dirty 30” mural highlights their commitment to promoting, documenting, and preserving street art on an international scale, fostering a global dialogue on urban artistry.


Captain Kris’s “Dirty 30” mural adds to the artist’s legacy within London’s street art scene. Documented by Lee Bofkin on behalf of the Global Street Art Foundation, this mural serves as a testament to Captain Kris’s artistic prowess and contributes to the vibrant and ever-evolving urban art landscape in East London.

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