Dank and Collaborators: Unveiling the Artistry Behind the Southbank Mural

mural by dank lost souls 3dom zadok spore dank

The Collective Creation: Mural by Dank, Lost Souls, 3Dom, Zadok, Spore

Dank: A Shrouded Artistic Force

In the dynamic realm of street art, Dank emerges as a shrouded figure, his identity veiled, letting his creations become the embodiment of his artistic voice. The collaborative mural at Southbank, orchestrated by Dank, alongside Lost Souls, 3Dom, Zadok, and Spore, stands as a testament to the power of collective creativity.

The Artistic Ensemble: Dank and Collaborators


  • Lifespan: Unknown
  • Gender: Male

Lost Souls

  • Lifespan: Unspecified


  • Lifespan: Unspecified


  • Lifespan: Unspecified


  • Lifespan: Unspecified

Chronicles of Creation: 2012-2014

The collaborative mural project unfolded between 2012 and 2014, capturing a snapshot of the evolution of street art during this period. Dank, the enigmatic orchestrator, united with fellow creators, and together, they breathed life into the walls of Southbank, leaving an indelible mark on the London street art landscape.

Southbank: The Urban Canvas

The chosen canvas for this artistic collaboration, Southbank in London, became the stage for Dank and his collaborators to engage with the urban landscape. The mural doesn’t merely adorn the walls; it becomes an integral part of the cultural conversation embedded in the city’s fabric.

Provenance Captured: Lee Bofkin’s Lens

Lee Bofkin, through the lens of his camera on behalf of Global Street Art, captured the essence of the mural. The photographic documentation immortalizes the transient nature of street art, allowing viewers to engage with the masterpiece beyond its physical existence.

Global Street Art Connection

The external link to Global Street Art serves as a portal, inviting enthusiasts and art connoisseurs to explore the vast world of street art, including Dank’s contributions.

Conclusion: Mural as a Collective Symphony

The collaborative mural by Dank, Lost Souls, 3Dom, Zadok, and Spore at Southbank exemplifies the collaborative spirit of street art. It transcends individual identities, merging into a collective symphony that resonates with the pulse of the city and the global street art community.

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