Nade & Nast: Graffiti Artists Making Waves at Street Mode Festival

nade nast at 5th street mode festival nade nast

The collaborative work titled “Nade & Nast at 5th Street Mode Festival” emerged in 2013 as part of the Street Mode Festival held in Thessaloniki, Greece. The artistic duo, known as Nade & Nast, showcased their talent and creativity through graffiti and street art, leaving an indelible mark on the festival attendees.

The Creation: Thermi – Thessaloniki, Greece

Situated in Thermi, Thessaloniki, the artwork exemplified the vibrant and expressive style for which Nade & Nast are renowned. The location provided an ideal canvas for their graffiti masterpiece, attracting attention and admiration from both local residents and visitors to the festival.

Nade & Nast: Artists of Mystery

The creators, Nade & Nast, operate under a veil of mystery, with limited available information about their identities or lifespan. However, their artwork speaks volumes, showcasing their skillful execution and innovative approach within the realm of graffiti and street art.

Graffiti/Street Art Fusion

The piece unveiled at the 5th Street Mode Festival seamlessly blended elements of graffiti and street art. Nade & Nast’s creation likely featured a fusion of colors, symbols, and possibly socio-cultural references that resonated with the festival’s theme and the vibrant atmosphere of Thessaloniki.

Impact at Street Mode Festival

Amidst the diverse range of artworks exhibited at the Street Mode Festival, the contribution of Nade & Nast stood out, drawing crowds and sparking conversations about urban art. Their piece added depth and character to the festival, contributing to the celebration of artistic expression within the city.

Thermi’s Cultural Canvas

The location of the creation in Thermi served as a testament to the evolving cultural landscape of Thessaloniki. Nade & Nast’s artwork, placed within this context, contributed to the city’s vibrant artistic tapestry, showcasing the fusion of contemporary urban expression with the traditional essence of the area.


Though shrouded in mystery, Nade & Nast’s presence and artistic prowess were undeniably felt at the 5th Street Mode Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece. Their graffiti/street art fusion left a lasting impression, adding to the festival’s ambiance and contributing to the cultural fabric of the city’s urban spaces.

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