Natural Invasion – Overijse: Embracing Nature Through Street Art

Natural Invasion – Overijse: Embracing Nature Through Street Art
Natural Invasion – Overijse: Embracing Nature Through Street Art

Title: Natural Invasion – Overijse

  • Creator: Treepack, Lucia Biancalana
  • Date Created: 2021
  • Location Created: Terlanen, Belgium

The Collaborators

Treepack, recognized for vibrant murals and street art, collaborated with Lucia Biancalana, a skilled graphic designer known for her captivating characters and soft shapes. Their joint venture led to the creation of “Natural Invasion – Overijse,” an artwork that breathes life into the streets of Terlanen, Belgium.

Lucia Biancalana: The Artisan of Whimsy

Lucia Biancalana’s creative genius shines through in her playful characters that exude charm and warmth. Her passion for soft shapes and fun-filled designs brings an aura of joy and amusement to her art.

The Mural: A Vibrant Depiction

In “Natural Invasion – Overijse,” the collaborative effort between Treepack and Lucia Biancalana takes form. A group of special characters, designed by Lucia, engagingly play basketball, injecting a sense of animated playfulness into the mural. The vibrant colors and abstract elements seamlessly blend to create an immersive and cheerful environment.

Embracing Nature

This mural’s essence lies in its celebration of nature. The incorporation of playful characters within the artwork beautifully complements the surrounding environment, adding a splash of color and mirth to Terlanen.

Medium and Rights

Utilizing acrylic paint as their medium, Treepack holds the rights to this engaging street art piece. The mural speaks volumes about the art genre and movement, portraying a harmonious fusion of nature-inspired motifs and the spirit of street art.


“Natural Invasion – Overijse” stands as a testament to the collaborative prowess of Treepack and Lucia Biancalana. Through their creative synergy, they have transformed the streets of Terlanen into a vibrant and whimsical space, inviting passersby to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature through the lens of street art.

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