Ene Ene: Crafting Bogotá’s Street Art Identity with “Pescado”

pescado ene ene

Ene Ene: Crafting Bogotá’s Street Art Identity with “Pescado”

In 2013, the Colombian street artist known by the pseudonym Ene Ene made a significant impact on Bogotá’s vibrant street art scene with the creation of “Pescado.” This artwork, situated in Bogotá, Colombia, serves as a testament to the artist’s creativity and contribution to the city’s urban artistry.

The “Pescado” Project: Unveiling Ene Ene’s Vision

The mural, titled “Pescado,” encapsulates the artistic prowess of Ene Ene, although specific details regarding the artwork’s imagery and thematic elements remain undisclosed. Positioned within Bogotá, the piece is a manifestation of the artist’s creativity and cultural influence, enriching the city’s visual landscape.

Ene Ene’s Influence on Bogotá’s Street Art

While details about “Pescado” are limited, Ene Ene’s body of work often reflects a fusion of vibrant colors, intricate designs, and a narrative that engages viewers. His contributions to Bogotá’s street art culture highlight his commitment to transforming public spaces into evocative and thought-provoking artistic expressions.

Artistic Identity and Urban Transformation

Ene Ene’s artwork transcends mere visual appeal, sparking conversations and inviting introspection among spectators. “Pescado” serves as a canvas that not only adds visual splendor to Bogotá’s streets but also contributes to the city’s cultural identity and narrative.

Ene Ene’s Legacy

Though information regarding “Pescado” is scarce, Ene Ene’s impact on Bogotá’s street art scene remains undeniable. His artistic legacy endures, inspiring fellow artists and reshaping the urban landscape with a blend of creativity and social commentary.


Ene Ene’s “Pescado” mural, while shrouded in some mystery, remains a significant addition to Bogotá’s rich tapestry of street art. Through his creativity and innovative expressions, Ene Ene continues to influence and shape the cultural and visual narratives within the vibrant streets of Colombia’s capital city.

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