Provoke Peace: Carlito Dalceggio’s Colorful Tribute

provoke peace carlito dalceggio

Project Overview

  • Title: Provoke Peace
  • Creator: Carlito Dalceggio
  • Creator Lifespan: Unknown/Inconnu
  • Creator Nationality: Canadian
  • Creator Gender: Male
  • Date: 2011-08-01/2011-08-01
  • Location Created: Parc Howard, Montreal, Canada
  • Location (lon, lat): -73.642691, 45.533926
  • Provenance: ©Jarret Gibbons
  • Type: Paint, Latex
  • External Link: Provoke Peace – Carlito Dalceggio

A Vibrant Canvas: Provoke Peace by Carlito Dalceggio

“Provoke Peace,” a mural spanning 120 linear feet, adorns the four walls of the park chalet in Parc Howard, Montreal, Canada. Created by the talented Canadian artist Carlito Dalceggio, this vibrant mural serves as a colorful tribute to the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.

Cultural Mediation Initiative: Maison de la Culture’s Vision

The project was initiated by the borough’s Maison de la Culture – Hors les murs program, as part of a youth-targeted cultural mediation initiative. Fifteen youths aged 13 to 25, in collaboration with the local organization X-ART/Parc-Extension Youth Program, participated in mural arts workshops. These workshops not only allowed them to design their collective work of art but also offered exclusive meetings with the artist himself.

Community Involvement: A Collective Effort

From the project’s inception, residents of all ages and backgrounds expressed a desire to contribute to the beautification of their environment. Daily, alongside the artist Carlito Dalceggio, they painted and transformed the park chalet into a vibrant testament to community involvement and artistic collaboration.

Painting Beyond Walls: The Young and the Pavement

The very young participants added their touch to the project by decorating the pavement with chalk, expanding the artistic canvas beyond the mural-covered walls. This inclusive approach not only beautified the immediate surroundings but also allowed individuals of all ages to engage with the creative process.

Materials and Technique: Paint, Latex, and Artistic Expression

Carlito Dalceggio utilized a mix of paint and latex to bring “Provoke Peace” to life. The choice of materials, combined with the artist’s technique, resulted in a visually stunning and emotionally resonant mural that captures the spirit of Muhammad Ali and the message of peace.

Legacy and Recognition: Provenance by Jarret Gibbons

The mural’s provenance, credited to ©Jarret Gibbons, underscores the recognition and documentation of “Provoke Peace.” It serves as a testament to the artistic legacy of Carlito Dalceggio and the collaborative effort of the community that contributed to the mural’s creation.

Explore Further: External Link

For those interested in delving deeper into the details of “Provoke Peace” and Carlito Dalceggio’s artistic journey, an external link is provided: Provoke Peace – Carlito Dalceggio.

In the heart of Parc Howard, Montreal, “Provoke Peace” stands not just as a mural but as a symbol of community, collaboration, and the transformative power of art in public spaces. Carlito Dalceggio’s tribute to Muhammad Ali continues to provoke thoughts and inspire peace in the hearts of those who encounter this vibrant masterpiece.

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