Psycho: Exploring the Surreal with Rundontwalk

psycho rundontwalk

Introduction to the Artist

Rundontwalk, an enigmatic street artist born in Argentina in 1977, is known for his unique contributions to the vibrant street art scene in Buenos Aires. His artistic endeavors burgeoned in the aftermath of the 2001 economic downturn, inspired by the city’s chaotic yet creatively charged atmosphere.

The Emergence of Rundontwalk

Rundontwalk became a prominent figure in the art scene as part of the art collective RUN DON’T WALK, whose work was deeply influenced by the post-crisis environment in Buenos Aires. Fede Minuchin, under the pseudonym Rundontwalk, delved into solo stencil works that vividly showcased his sharp wit, humor, and an essence of the surreal.

Psycho: A Glimpse into Rundontwalk’s Work

One of Rundontwalk’s pieces, titled “Psycho,” exemplifies his artistic style. This silkscreen on paper, measuring 70 x 50 cm, serves as a canvas for the artist’s exploration of the surreal and his adept use of stencil techniques to convey his message.

The Street Art Legacy

Rundontwalk’s stencil art embodies a subtle yet powerful commentary on societal nuances, often infused with humor and a touch of the bizarre. His works, including “Psycho,” are a testament to his ability to blend satire with artistic finesse in the urban landscape of Buenos Aires.


Rundontwalk’s contribution to the street art scene in Buenos Aires, particularly through his solo stencil works like “Psycho,” remains an integral part of the city’s artistic narrative. His pieces continue to captivate audiences, offering a thought-provoking yet entertaining reflection of the world around us.

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