Quilt n.20: A Collective Street Art Tapestry

quilt n 20 collective work

Title: Quilt n.20

Creator: Collective Work

Date Created: 20th Century

Location Created: Photo taken at AND’ Studio – Via Pietro Colletta n. 69 Milano

Physical Dimensions: H 360, W 360 cm

Type: Various

Medium: Various

Art Genre: Abstract Art

Art Movement: Street Art

Art Form: Various

Support: Fabric

Depicted Location: Image

Depicted Person: Various

Exploring Quilt n.20: A Tapestry of Remembrance and Solidarity

The Artwork: Quilt n.20

Quilt n.20 stands as a testament to the power of collective creativity, memorializing lives affected by AIDS and fostering solidarity. This expansive tapestry, crafted collaboratively by various contributors, represents a poignant blend of abstract art within the realm of street art.

Date Created: A Tapestry Across Time

The creation of Quilt n.20 spans the 20th century, encapsulating decades of artistic expression and dedication. This timeless piece serves as both a historical artifact and a contemporary symbol of remembrance.

Location: AND’ Studio – Milano’s Art Haven

The physical dimensions of Quilt n.20, measuring an impressive 360 by 360 centimeters, make it a commanding presence. The photo capturing this masterpiece was taken at AND’ Studio, located at Via Pietro Colletta n. 69 in Milano. The studio serves as a haven for artistic endeavors, and this quilt finds a fitting backdrop within its walls.

Medium: Various – A Symphony of Textiles

Quilt n.20 is a symphony of various textiles meticulously assembled to create a cohesive and visually striking whole. The choice of materials reflects the diversity of the contributors and adds layers of meaning to the artwork.

Art Genre: Abstract Art – Interpreting Emotion

The genre of Quilt n.20 falls under abstract art, a category that transcends traditional representations. The abstract nature of the quilt allows for personal interpretation, inviting viewers to connect emotionally with the diverse stories woven into its fabric.

Art Movement: Street Art – Taking Art to the Streets

Quilt n.20 proudly aligns itself with the street art movement, challenging conventional art spaces. By bringing this collaborative piece to the streets, the creators ensure that the messages it carries are accessible to a broad audience.

Art Form: Various – A Collaborative Effort

The art form of Quilt n.20 is as diverse as its contributors. From handcrafted elements to carefully selected textiles, each piece reflects the individuality of its creator while contributing to the collective narrative.

Support: Fabric – A Symbol of Comfort and Warmth

Fabric serves as the foundational support for Quilt n.20, offering a metaphorical embrace. The use of fabric not only connects the artwork to the rich history of quilting but also symbolizes comfort and warmth.

Conclusion: Quilt n.20 – An Everlasting Tapestry

Quilt n.20 stands as a testament to the power of collective art, transcending time and space. Through its abstract beauty and poignant message, this street art tapestry weaves together the stories of those affected by AIDS, fostering remembrance, and embodying the spirit of solidarity.

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