Unveiling Quilt n.21: A Unique Street Art Collaboration

quilt n 21 collective work

Title: Quilt n.21

  • Creator: Collective Work
  • Date Created: 20th Century
  • Location Created: Photo take at AND’ Studio – Via Pietro Colletta n. 69 Milano
  • Physical Dimensions: H 360, w 360 cm
  • Type: Various
  • Medium: Various
  • Art Genre: Abstract Art
  • Art Movement: Street Art
  • Art Form: Various
  • Support: Fabric
  • Depicted Location: Image
  • Depicted Person: Various

Unveiling the Collective Work: Quilt n.21

The unique collaborative masterpiece known as Quilt n.21 emerged from the creative minds behind the Collective Work during the 20th century. This distinctive piece, housed at AND’ Studio on Via Pietro Colletta n. 69 in Milano, Italy, boasts an impressive physical dimension of H 360, w 360 cm.

A Closer Look at Quilt n.21

This eclectic quilt comprises a fusion of fabric artistry, featuring blankets showcasing individual artistic expressions attributed to different creators. Each blanket within this larger artistic creation displays a name alongside a year, offering a glimpse into the personal narratives and experiences encapsulated by the creators.

Diverse Mediums and Abstract Artistry

Quilt n.21 stands out for its incorporation of various mediums and its abstract art form. Through this amalgamation of diverse fabrics and artistic styles, the piece embodies a unique amalgamation of street art infused with individual stories and personal touches.

The Artistic Vision of Street Art

The collaborative effort behind Quilt n.21 reflects the inclusivity and collaborative nature often inherent in street art. By bringing together different creators and their varied expressions onto a single canvas of fabric, this work transcends the conventional boundaries of art.

A Canvas of Varied Narratives

Through the depictions of Francesco 1993, Marcello 1990, Fabio 1987, Antonio 1992, Giovanni 1992, Tullio 1992, Massimo, and Bruno, Quilt n.21 not only showcases artistic prowess but also immortalizes individual stories and diverse perspectives within the larger context of street art.


Quilt n.21 serves as a testament to the amalgamation of diverse talents and narratives within the realm of street art. The collaborative effort of the Collective Work in creating this quilted masterpiece offers a unique lens into the multifaceted world of artistic expression intertwined with personal tales and individuality.

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