Quilt n.23: Stitching Together Narratives of Solidarity

quilt n 23 collective work

Title: Quilt n.23

Creator: Collective Work

Date Created: 20th Century

Location Created: AND’ Studio – Via Pietro Colletta n. 69, Milano, Italy

Unraveling the Threads of Collective Artistry

Creator Insights

Collective Work: A.S.A. Onlus

  • Date of Creation: 20th Century
  • Location: Milano, Italy

Crafting Art From the Heart

Title: Quilt n.23

As an ode to solidarity and shared humanity, “Quilt n.23” stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit that transcends time. This collective work, born in the 20th century, finds its home in the heart of Milano, Italy.

Dimensions and Medium

Physical Dimensions:

  • Height: 360 cm
  • Width: 360 cm

Medium: Various

Artistic Diversity Unfolded

Art Genre: Abstract Art

Art Movement: Street Art

Art Form: Various

Support: Fabric

“Quilt n.23” is a canvas of diversity, both in its creators and its artistic elements. The quilt weaves together various mediums, each thread a story, and each patch a unique expression.

Depicting the Human Canvas

Depicted Location: Image

Depicted Person: Various

The quilted masterpiece not only showcases the skillful amalgamation of various artistic forms but also becomes a canvas that depicts the richness of human experience. The names associated with each blanket—Antonio, Luca, Marcello, Mino, Alberto, Flavio, Sabino, Osvaldo—hint at the individual stories interwoven into this larger narrative.

Note: “Quilt n.23” transcends its physical dimensions; it is a symbol of unity, a collective creation that speaks to the power of art in bringing diverse voices together.

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