Unveiling Quilt n.9: An Abstract Street Art Ensemble

quilt n 9 collective work

Artistic Collaboration: A Collective Work of Identity

  • Title: Quilt n.9
  • Creator: Collective Work
  • Date Created: 20th Century
  • Location Created: AND’ Studio – Via Pietro Colletta n. 69, Milano

Quilt n.9 stands as a striking testament to collaborative artistry within the realm of street art. Created in the 20th century, this piece, overseen by the Collective Work, unfolds an intricate tapestry of identity, resonating with abstract expressions and diverse individual narratives.

A Glimpse into the Quilt

The artwork encapsulates a series of blankets, each uniquely adorned with expressive designs and identities. The blanket compositions are as follows:

  1. Carlo
  2. Alberto 1994
  3. Giuseppe 1994
  4. Massimo 1994
  5. Roby
  6. Antonio 1992
  7. Mario 1992
  8. Eoby 1991

Varied Mediums, Diverse Narratives

These blankets, serving as the canvas for this collective endeavor, exhibit a myriad of artistic mediums and techniques. Each piece portrays abstract art forms, reflecting a fusion of various artistic elements, colors, and expressions.

Abstract Street Art Movement

The Quilt n.9 aligns itself within the realm of street art, demonstrating the inclusivity and expansiveness of this artistic movement. By transforming fabric into an avenue for artistic expression, it resonates with the ethos of street art – an art form for the people, narrating tales in unconventional spaces.

Portraying Identities Through Abstraction

Depicting the names and the respective years on the blankets implies a visual story, perhaps symbolic of individual journeys, experiences, or memories captured through abstract artistry.


Quilt n.9, a collaborative symphony of individual identities, abstract expressions, and diverse artistic narratives, stands as an intriguing testament to the power of collective creativity within the ever-evolving landscape of street art.

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