The Collaborators: Rai Cruz and Kaff-Eine

rai cruz x kaff eine rai cruz kaff eine

In the dynamic realm of Filipino street art, the collaborative project Rai Cruz x Kaff-Eine stands as a testament to the creative synergy between two artists, Rai Cruz and Kaff-Eine. This joint endeavor, initiated on November 27, 2013, under the umbrella of the Filipino Street Art Project, unfolded in the vibrant streets of Las Piñas City and Cavite in Metro Manila, Philippines.

The Collaborators: Rai Cruz and Kaff-Eine

  • Title: Rai Cruz x Kaff-Eine
  • Creator: Rai Cruz, Kaff-Eine
  • Creator Nationality: Filipino
  • Creator Gender: Male, Female
  • Creator Birthplace: Las Piñas City, Philippines, and Melbourne, Australia
  • Date: 11/27/2013
  • Location Created: Las Piñas City, Cavite, Philippines
  • Provenance: Rai Cruz
  • Type: Street Art
  • External Link: Rai Cruz x Kaff-Eine
  • Medium: Acrylic Paint

Rai Cruz and Kaff-Eine, both hailing from Filipino roots, collaborated on this street art project, transcending geographical boundaries with Kaff-Eine originating from Melbourne, Australia. The fusion of male and female perspectives adds depth and diversity to their creative dialogue.

Birthplaces: Las Piñas City and Melbourne

Rai Cruz’s roots trace back to Las Piñas City, Philippines, while Kaff-Eine brings her artistic essence from Melbourne, Australia. This intersection of Filipino and Australian influences enriches the collaborative project with a global perspective.

The Date and Location: November 27, 2013, Metro Manila

The streets of Las Piñas City and Cavite in Metro Manila, Philippines, witnessed the artistic collaboration between Rai Cruz and Kaff-Eine on November 27, 2013. The choice of these locations adds a local flavor to the global resonance of their street art.

Provenance: Rai Cruz’s Artistic Custody

The provenance of this street art project rests in the hands of Rai Cruz. As the custodian of the collaborative canvas, Rai Cruz’s influence and creative vision guide the narrative of Rai Cruz x Kaff-Eine.

Street Art in Acrylic: The Medium of Expression

The artists chose acrylic paint as their medium, allowing for vibrant and lasting expressions on the urban canvas. This versatile choice enhances the visual impact of their collaborative work.

Rai Cruz’s External Link: Exploring the Project

Rai Cruz provides an external link to delve deeper into the Rai Cruz x Kaff-Eine project. This online platform serves as a virtual gallery, inviting art enthusiasts and curious minds to explore the nuances of their collaborative endeavor.


Rai Cruz x Kaff-Eine encapsulates the spirit of collaboration, transcending geographical boundaries to create a unique fusion of Filipino and Australian artistic influences. The streets of Las Piñas City and Cavite became the canvas for this dynamic partnership, leaving a visual legacy that celebrates diversity, creativity, and the unifying power of street art in Metro Manila, Philippines.

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