The Collaborative Artistry of Random Act and Bandit in Los Angeles

random act bandit collab off melrose hollowdoubt random act and bandit

Unveiling the Collaborative Creation

The collaboration between Random Act and Bandit culminated in a striking mural off Melrose Avenue, a testament to their artistic prowess. Captured by hollowdoubt on June 23, 2014, this collaborative endeavor unfolded in the alley off Melrose and N Genesee Avenue in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Merging Hand-Painted Mastery and Spray Paint Techniques

The mural featured a seamless fusion of hand-painted elements and the intricate use of spray paint and stencil techniques. The combination of these diverse artistic methods resulted in a visually compelling piece that engaged passersby with its vibrant colors and skillful execution.

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

The chosen site for this creative partnership was in the heart of Los Angeles, a bustling city known for its diverse artistic expressions. Random Act and Bandit’s collaboration added to the city’s rich tapestry of street art, bringing their unique styles to an alleyway canvas.

Collaboration as Artistic Expression

The collaboration between Random Act and Bandit not only showcased their individual talents but also underscored the power of artistic partnerships in transforming urban spaces. Their joint effort contributed to the cultural landscape of Los Angeles, offering a visual treat to the community.


The collaborative mural between Random Act and Bandit, captured by hollowdoubt in Los Angeles, remains a vibrant testimony to the creative fusion of hand-painted artistry, spray paint techniques, and stencil work. This collaborative endeavor served as a striking addition to the city’s street art scene, demonstrating the ability of artists to combine their talents for an impactful visual experience.

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