R. Robot: Cement Drawing in Williamsburg

r robot williamsburg r robot


R. Robot’s enigmatic artwork, titled “R. Robot, Williamsburg,” is a cement drawing located at 211 Wythe Ave in New York, United States. This piece is housed within The Street Museum of Art, showcasing the artist’s unique style and expression.

The Artist

The creator behind this intriguing piece, R. Robot, is an American artist whose precise identity and lifespan remain unknown. Despite the anonymity, R. Robot’s work captivates audiences with its distinctiveness.

Artwork Details

Dated back to 2012, the artwork is a testament to R. Robot’s prowess in cement drawing, a distinct form of street art. The location of this creation at 211 Wythe Ave in Williamsburg, New York, adds to its significance within the realm of street art.

Provenance and Rights

The piece’s provenance remains linked solely to R. Robot, reflecting the artist’s direct involvement in the creation and ownership of the artwork. The rights to this piece are attributed to R. Robot.

External Link

For further information about The Street Museum of Art and possibly this specific artwork, the external link provided might offer insights into R. Robot’s contribution to this unconventional museum space.


“R. Robot, Williamsburg” is a testament to the mysterious and innovative world of street art. The cement drawing at 211 Wythe Ave stands as a compelling example of R. Robot’s artistic vision, despite the artist’s elusive identity and the limited details surrounding the piece.

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