Exploring Ivan Yagoda’s “Rubik’s Cube” Mural

rubik s cube ivan yagoda

Title: Rubik’s Cube

  • Creator: Ivan Yagoda
  • Date Created: 2012-07
  • Physical Location: Ekaterinburg, Russia, Tkachey Street, 11/1
  • Location Created: Ekaterinburg, Russia, Tkachey Street, 11/1
  • Location Coordinates: Latitude 56.81729, Longitude 60.626518
  • Art Genre: Mural
  • Art Movement: Street art

Ivan Yagoda’s Artistic Expression

Ivan Yagoda, the talented street artist, made a significant impact with the creation of the “Rubik’s Cube” mural in Ekaterinburg, Russia. This vibrant and visually striking piece became an iconic representation of the city’s street art landscape.

The Mural’s Creation

The “Rubik’s Cube” mural was brought to life by Ivan Yagoda’s artistic vision in July 2012. Situated on Tkachey Street, 11/1, in Ekaterinburg, Russia, this mural became a focal point for art enthusiasts, showcasing the fusion of creativity and urban expression.

Artistic Inspiration

Yagoda’s mural, inspired by the iconic Rubik’s Cube, captivated audiences with its intricate design, vibrant colors, and geometric patterns. This masterpiece seamlessly blended within the dynamic street art movement prevalent in Ekaterinburg.

Ekaterinburg’s Street Art Scene

Yagoda’s “Rubik’s Cube” mural served as a testament to the diverse and burgeoning street art culture thriving in Ekaterinburg. The mural’s presence enriched the city’s urban landscape, inviting viewers to appreciate art in unconventional settings.


Ivan Yagoda’s “Rubik’s Cube” mural in Ekaterinburg, Russia, stands as a testament to the artist’s creative prowess and the vibrant spirit of street art in the city. Its vivid depiction of the iconic cube continues to captivate audiences, adding an artistic flair to the urban environment.

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