The Vibrant Collaboration of Remed and Okuda in London 2014

remed and okuda london 2014 okuda and remed

Title: Remed and Okuda London 2014

Creators: Okuda, Remed

Date: May 2014

Physical Location: Southbank Center, London, UK

Location Created: Southbank Center, London, UK

In a striking display of artistic collaboration, the renowned artists Remed and Okuda joined forces to create an awe-inspiring art piece in the heart of London in May 2014. This ambitious project, orchestrated by NOBULO, took place at the Southbank Center, a bustling area frequented by thousands of pedestrians, transforming the traditional perception of street art.

Unconventional Canvas: The Methacrylate Cube

This groundbreaking artwork occurred within the confines of a transparent cube made of methacrylate, measuring an impressive 40 cubic meters (approximately 2.4409e+6in³). This unconventional medium set the stage for an extraordinary experience, allowing spectators to witness the artists’ creative process from all angles. Unlike traditional mural painting, the transparency of the cube granted the public an up-close, immersive view of the artists’ live creation.

Public Interaction and Unveiling Creativity

The unique nature of this project stood out in its ability to engage the public directly in the artists’ creative process. Unlike typical street art where the artists typically face away from onlookers while working, this setup allowed Remed and Okuda to paint within the cube, facing the audience. The innovative transparency of the methacrylate cube offered pedestrians an intimate and unparalleled view of the vibrant artistic spectacle.

Conclusion of Creativity

Remed and Okuda’s collaborative venture at the Southbank Center redefined the norms of street art, turning the creative process into a live and engaging performance. Their innovative use of the transparent cube provided an immersive and intimate experience, granting the public unique insight into their artistry and creative techniques. This artistic endeavor added a vibrant splash to London’s urban landscape, leaving a memorable and inspiring mark on the global art scene.

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