Remed and Okuda Madrid: A Fusion of Colors and Shapes at Palacio Santa Barbara

remed and okuda madrid okuda and remed

Rediscovering Palacio Santa Barbara Through Okuda and Remed’s Artistic Lens

  • Title: Remed and Okuda Madrid
  • Creators: Okuda, Remed
  • Date: 2013-09
  • Physical Location: Palacio Santa Barbara, Madrid, Spain

In the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, the artistic duo Okuda and Remed left an indelible mark on the iconic Santa Barbara Palace through a groundbreaking multidisciplinary project. This collaborative endeavor, executed in September 2013, saw the transformation of the historic palace into a canvas of innovative colors and shapes, breathing new life into its rooms and garden.

The Artistic Collaboration

Okuda and Remed, both acclaimed artists in their own right, joined forces to reimagine Palacio Santa Barbara. The result was a mesmerizing blend of sculptures and murals that transcended traditional artistic boundaries. This collaborative project aimed not only to visually enhance the palace but also to create a multidimensional experience for those who wandered through its halls and garden.

Innovative Use of Colors and Shapes

At the heart of the Remed and Okuda Madrid project lies an innovative use of colors and shapes. The artists leveraged their distinctive styles to infuse the palace with a dynamic and vibrant energy. The fusion of Okuda’s geometric patterns and Remed’s fluid forms created a harmonious visual symphony, transforming the historic space into a contemporary masterpiece.

Multidisciplinary Artistry

Unlike traditional art projects, Remed and Okuda Madrid embraced a multidisciplinary approach. The artists ventured beyond traditional canvases, integrating their creations seamlessly into the rooms and the garden of Palacio Santa Barbara. This immersive experience blurred the lines between conventional art spaces and the everyday environment. A Digital Glimpse

For those unable to witness Remed and Okuda Madrid in person, provides a digital portal into this transformative project. The website offers a glimpse into the colors, shapes, and artistic narratives that define this collaboration, allowing art enthusiasts to explore the magic of Palacio Santa Barbara from the comfort of their screens.


Remed and Okuda Madrid stands as a testament to the transformative power of art. Okuda and Remed’s collaborative venture breathed new life into the historic Palacio Santa Barbara, turning it into a living canvas of colors and shapes. The project’s multidisciplinary nature and the integration of sculptures and murals into the palace’s fabric elevated it beyond a mere visual spectacle, creating an immersive experience for all who encountered it. Remed and Okuda Madrid remains a symbol of the dynamic fusion of traditional and contemporary artistry, leaving an enduring legacy at the heart of Madrid, Spain.

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