Rone’s Captivating Mural at 80 Collins Street, Melbourne

rone for rue co rone

The Artist Behind the Mural

The enigmatic artist known as Rone made an indelible mark in Melbourne’s street art scene on March 2, 2014, with an extraordinary mural for Rue & Co. Despite the artist’s lifespan being unknown, Rone’s nationality as an Australian and identity as a male artist remained undeniable.

The Awe-Inspiring Mural

Rone’s mural, showcased on the walls of 80 Collins Street, Melbourne, exhibited remarkable dimensions of approximately 25 meters in width and 28 meters in height. Its colossal presence undoubtedly contributed to the visual richness of Melbourne’s urban landscape.

Collaboration with Rue & Co

Partnering with Rue & Co, Rone’s artwork added a new layer of vibrancy to the city’s street art tapestry. The colossal mural was an expression of the artist’s distinct style and creativity, engaging passersby and art enthusiasts alike.

Capturing Attention and Imagination

The mural, bearing Rone’s artistic imprint, captivated onlookers with its intricacy, depth, and sheer scale. Situated in a bustling area of Melbourne, the artwork became a point of fascination and discussion, reflecting the allure and power of street art to provoke thought and captivate the imagination.


Rone’s mural for Rue & Co at 80 Collins Street stands as a testament to the transformative nature of street art. With its grand scale and artistic finesse, Rone’s creation not only adorned a Melbourne street but also encapsulated the essence of creativity and expression that defines the city’s rich tapestry of street art.

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