Bailer’s Artistry at Rose Street Car Park, Fitzroy, Melbourne

rose street car park fitzroy melbourne bailer

The Artwork: Rose Street Car Park Mural

Bailer, a male Australian street artist, left an indelible mark in Melbourne’s urban art scene with his remarkable creation at the Rose Street car park in Fitzroy. His mural, completed on July 20, 2014, stands as a testament to his artistic prowess and creative vision.

The Artist: Bailer

Hailing from Australia, Bailer is recognized for his contributions to the street art landscape, despite limited personal information available to the public. His artistic style reflects a blend of technique, symbolism, and vibrant expression, captivating audiences with its uniqueness.

Location and Significance

The mural by Bailer graces the walls of the Rose Street car park in Fitzroy, Melbourne. This area, known for its vibrant art scene, provided a fitting canvas for Bailer’s artistic expression, adding to the cultural richness of the neighborhood.

Provenance and Copyright

The creation of the Rose Street Car Park mural by Bailer is attributed to Dean Sunshine, under whose copyright the artwork falls. Dean Sunshine, a prominent figure in Melbourne’s street art scene, has been instrumental in documenting and preserving the city’s urban art culture.

Art Type and Impact

Bailer’s mural is a testament to the diverse forms of expression within street art. Utilizing his unique style and artistic techniques, he conveyed a message or evoked emotions in viewers, contributing to the dynamic and ever-evolving street art landscape of Melbourne.

External Link and Further Information

For more insights into Bailer’s artwork and other pieces in Melbourne’s street art scene, Dean Sunshine’s website ( serves as a valuable resource, providing a platform to explore and understand the stories behind these captivating urban artworks.


Bailer’s mural at the Rose Street car park encapsulates the essence of Melbourne’s vibrant street art culture. Through his artwork, Bailer adds to the tapestry of artistic expressions that adorn the city’s streets, inviting viewers to engage, interpret, and appreciate the creativity and depth within the urban art realm.

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