Sceno McClane’s “Cerrado por Malagueña” at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga

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Title: Sceno McClane, “Cerrado por Malagueña”

  • Creator: Sceno McClane
  • Date Created: 2013-09
  • Location Created: Duquesa de Parcent Street, Málaga

Graffiti Expression and Urban Creativity

Sceno McClane, a prominent urban artist, left an indelible mark in Málaga, Spain, through his graffiti wall titled “Cerrado por Malagueña.” The artwork became a focal point within the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga, a canvas for free expression under the MAUS program.

“Cerrado por Malagueña” within MAUS Program

This graffiti wall, part of the “Cerrado por Malagueña” initiative, aimed to create an environment conducive to unrestricted artistic expression. It served as a meeting ground for diverse projects within the MAUS program, providing a platform for participants to encapsulate their original ideas.

A Tapestry of Artistic Expression

The mural setup facilitated an amalgamation of artistic expressions, bringing together various thematic approaches and production techniques. It became a collaborative canvas for local, national, and international artists to showcase their creativity and visions.


Sceno McClane’s contribution to the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga through “Cerrado por Malagueña” exemplifies the power of urban art as a medium for free expression and creative collaboration. This graffiti wall stands as a testament to the fusion of diverse artistic perspectives, harmoniously coexisting within the vibrant tapestry of Málaga’s contemporary art scene.

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