Unveiling VHILS: Scratching the Surface Project

scratching the surface project vhils

VHILS: The Dynamo of Dynamite Art

“Title: Scratching the Surface Project”

In the dynamic realm of street art, VHILS, also known as Alexandre Farto, has etched a distinctive identity through his unparalleled Scratching the Surface Project. Born in September 2011 during the Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway, this mural is a testament to VHILS’ groundbreaking approach to artistry.

The Dynamo’s Signature Style

“Date Created: September 2011”
“Location Created: Haugesundsgata 41, 4014 Stavanger, Norway”
“Type: Mural”

VHILS, heralding from a prolific graffiti background, transitioned into his iconic dynamite and chisel technique in 2007. The Scratching the Surface Project at Haugesundsgata 41 is a striking example of his transformative prowess, turning mundane walls into profound works of art.

Diving into the Bas-Relief Poetry

“Medium: Assorted Hand and Power Tools”
“Art Genre: Portrait / Still Life”
“Art Movement: Street Art”
“Art Form: Bas-relief Wall Carving”
“Support: Wall”

VHILS’ bas-relief portraiture, a fusion of dynamism and delicate artistry, uncovers the scars of concrete and cement, turning them into captivating narratives. The Scratching the Surface Project exemplifies his mastery over assorted tools, carving out portraits and still life with unparalleled precision.

Rights and Recognition

“Rights: ©Nuart Festival, ©Kalevkevad”

The Scratching the Surface Project is not only a visual spectacle but a collaborative effort supported by the Nuart Festival and Kalevkevad. VHILS’ work, protected by these rights, signifies its significance in the contemporary art landscape.

A Glimpse into Rarity

“Depicted Location: Parking Lot”

This particular piece from Nuart’s 2011 festival diverges from VHILS’ usual portraiture, offering a rare glimpse into a creation that explores bone rather than flesh. The parking lot canvas becomes a unique backdrop for this exceptional work.

Conclusion: VHILS’ Ongoing Legacy

VHILS’ Scratching the Surface Project is not merely a mural; it is a testament to the dynamism of contemporary street art. With dynamite as his tool and walls as his canvas, VHILS continues to etch his legacy, transforming surfaces and perceptions with each chisel strike.

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