Scratchpaper Printemps Haussman: A Vibrant Mural by 9eme Concept

scratchpaper printemps haussman

Artist and Creation Details

Creator: 9eme Concept
Creator Lifespan: 1971
Creator Nationality: French
Creator Gender: Male
Date of Creation: 2010/2010
Location: Paris, France
Artistic Mediums: Peintre (Painter), Collage
Provenance: 9eme Concept
Type: Fresque

Unveiling the Masterpiece

In the bustling streets of Paris, amidst the cultural tapestry of the 9th arrondissement, a remarkable mural known as “Scratchpaper Printemps Haussman” stands as a testament to the ingenuity of its creator, the elusive artist known as 9eme Concept.

The 9eme Concept

Born in 1971, 9eme Concept has become a prominent figure in the French street art scene. With a career spanning several decades, this male artist has left an indelible mark through his innovative approach to urban art. His work often combines traditional painting techniques with the contemporary dynamism of collage, creating a unique visual language that captivates audiences.

The Birth of Scratchpaper Printemps Haussman

The creation of “Scratchpaper Printemps Haussman” took place in 2010, enveloping the heart of Paris in a burst of colors and creativity. This mural, characterized as a fresque, seamlessly blends the worlds of painting and collage, showcasing 9eme Concept’s mastery in both mediums.

Parisian Essence: Location and Inspiration

Situated in the iconic city of Paris, the mural becomes a living canvas embedded within the rich history and vibrant energy of the French capital. The choice of location, Printemps Haussman, adds another layer to the narrative, as the artwork interweaves with the urban fabric, becoming an integral part of the city’s identity.

9eme Concept’s Collage Technique

The fusion of peintre (painting) and collage in “Scratchpaper Printemps Haussman” highlights 9eme Concept’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional street art. The artist’s in

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