Scratchpaper Rooftop Vincennes: A Fresco by 9eme Concept

scratchpaper rooftop vincennes


“Scratchpaper Rooftop Vincennes” represents a notable fresco created by the renowned French street art collective, 9eme Concept. Executed in 2009, this artwork holds significance in the Parisian street art landscape.

Creator Details

The collaborative effort was brought to life by 9eme Concept, a Paris-based collective consisting of diverse artists. Their combined talents and imaginative prowess often result in distinctive urban art forms and expressive murals.

Artistic Endeavor

Set against the backdrop of Vincennes, France, this fresco adorns a rooftop, employing a collage technique as part of its creation. The piece amalgamates various artistic elements, utilizing collage to convey a unique narrative or visual language.

Location and Medium

The rooftop of a factory in Vincennes served as the canvas for this captivating artwork. “Scratchpaper Rooftop Vincennes” demonstrates the collective’s proficiency in utilizing fresco as a street art medium, allowing for the integration of multiple artistic techniques.

Type of Art

The artwork stands as a fine example of a fresco within the street art genre. Its collage-centric approach reveals the depth of creativity and innovation 9eme Concept brings to their compositions.


“Scratchpaper Rooftop Vincennes” encapsulates the artistic brilliance of 9eme Concept, highlighting their expertise in creating impactful frescoes. This artwork, situated in the urban landscape of Vincennes, remains a testament to the collective’s proficiency in transforming urban spaces into vibrant artistic statements.

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