Celebrating SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL by Jennifer Korsen

smile south central art by jennifer korsen
  • Creator: Jennifer Korsen / @humansmakeart
  • Date Created: 2014
  • Location Created: Arlington and 48th Streets, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Photograph by: @che_2a / Adam Ayala

Project Overview

“SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL” stands as a vibrant and uplifting creation by the prolific street artist Jennifer Korsen. This art piece was conceived as part of PROJECT: Smile south central, a community-driven initiative aimed at bringing joy and positivity to the heart of Los Angeles, specifically at the intersection of Arlington and 48th Streets.

The Creative Force: Jennifer Korsen

Jennifer Korsen, known for her distinct artistic style and commitment to spreading optimism through art, brought her vision to life in this project. Her dedication to injecting vibrancy into urban landscapes and capturing the essence of human emotions resonates through her work.

Artistic Details

Through vibrant colors, bold strokes, and an infusion of creativity, Korsen’s artwork at Arlington and 48th Streets embodies the essence of the SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL project. The mural radiates positivity, invoking smiles and conveying a sense of joy to passersby.

Community Impact

Situated at the heart of Los Angeles, this creation by Jennifer Korsen serves as a visual beacon, encouraging residents and visitors alike to embrace happiness and hope in their daily lives. The project’s connection with the local community at the 48th Street Market reinforces its impact and accessibility.


“SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL” by Jennifer Korsen is a testament to the power of art in transforming urban spaces and fostering a sense of unity and happiness within communities. This mural, captured through the lens of @che_2a / Adam Ayala, encapsulates the essence of the SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL initiative and Jennifer Korsen’s artistic vision to spread joy through her remarkable street art.

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