Moncho 1929: Crafting Joy with “SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL”

smile south central art by moncho1929


  • Creator: art by @moncho1929
  • Date Created: 2014
  • Location Created: Arlington and 48th Streets, Los Angeles, California, USA

Moncho 1929: A Maestro of Street Art

In the vibrant tapestry of Los Angeles street art, one name resonates with color and joy – Moncho 1929. With an Instagram handle that doubles as a signature, @moncho1929, this artist has become synonymous with spreading smiles through the urban landscape.

“SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL”: A Beacon of Positivity

“SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL” stands as a testament to Moncho 1929’s commitment to infusing public spaces with positivity. Created in 2014 as part of the PROJECT: Smile South Central initiative, this masterpiece radiates joy at the intersection of Arlington and 48th Streets in Los Angeles, California.

The Canvas: Arlington and 48th Streets

Moncho 1929 chose the intersection of Arlington and 48th Streets as the canvas for “SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL.” Located near the 48th Street Market, this artwork transforms a simple street corner into a gallery of happiness, inviting passersby to pause and revel in the power of a smile.

Capturing the Moment: Photograph by @che_2a / Adam Ayala

The immortalization of “SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL” was entrusted to the lens of @che_2a, also known as Adam Ayala. Through his skillful photography, the essence of Moncho 1929’s creation is preserved, allowing the world to experience the artwork’s vibrancy and charm.

Project: Smile South Central

As a part of the larger initiative, Project: Smile South Central, Moncho 1929’s contribution becomes a pivotal piece in a mosaic of positive urban interventions. The project, marked by the hashtag #smilesouthcentral, seeks to transform neighborhoods through the universal language of smiles.

Storefront Symphony: 48th Street Market

Nestled in the heart of Arlington and 48th Streets, “SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL” finds itself in the company of the 48th Street Market. The juxtaposition of art and commerce creates a unique synergy, turning a routine shopping experience into a journey of visual delight.


Moncho 1929’s “SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL” is more than a mural; it’s a celebration of the human spirit. In a world bustling with the challenges of urban life, this artwork reminds us to pause, appreciate, and share a smile. As the colors of Moncho 1929 continue to dance on the walls of Los Angeles, “SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL” remains a beacon of joy, an invitation to embrace the beauty that surrounds us in the most unexpected places.

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