Embracing Art and Community: Smile South Central

smile south central art by phobik god jason ostro

Creators: Jason Ostro and Phobik

In 2014, the cityscape of Los Angeles, California, experienced a creative surge through the collaborative efforts of renowned street artists Jason Ostro and Phobik. This collaboration was marked by an inspiring project known as “Smile South Central.”

Artistic Collaboration

Under the aliases Phobik god and Jason Ostro, the artists engaged in a joint endeavor that emphasized artistic unity and shared creative vision. Their collaborative masterpiece aimed to infuse positivity and vibrancy into the urban landscape of South Central Los Angeles.

Project Smile South Central

The artwork, a fusion of distinctive styles and techniques by Phobik and Jason Ostro, materialized for the specific initiative named “Smile South Central.” The project sought to uplift the community spirit through vibrant street art, utilizing the transformative power of art to bring smiles to South Central’s inhabitants.

Location and Photography

The mural found its home on the walls of El Pueblo Market, nestled within the back alley at the intersection of Western and 47th in Los Angeles. The captivating essence of the artwork was beautifully captured by photographer Adam Ayala, also known as @che_2a.

Conclusion: A Fusion of Art and Community

The collaborative efforts of Phobik and Jason Ostro stand as a testament to the potential of street art in fostering positivity and community engagement. Their creation, etched on the walls of Los Angeles, continues to echo the artistic synergy and vibrant energy intended to uplift and bring smiles to the local community of South Central.

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